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[April 28, 2023]

In the internet era, it’s vital to have a constant presence online, as well as content that will work for you even when you’re not sitting at the controls.

Fortunately, with marketing automation, you can always engage with your prospects and customers, no matter how, where or when they find you. By automating repetitive tasks, such as email marketing, social media posts and even ad campaigns, not only are you running your business efficiently, but you are also able to provide a smart, personalized experience for your customers. We get more in-depth about the basics of marketing automation here.

Get Personal

When you utilize a CRM, like HubSpot, you are able to better track your prospects actions as they bounce around your site. Each action as an added data point, telling you exactly what your customers are looking for in the moment. By utilizing workflows, you can drive these prospects to helpful content, resulting in a thoroughly nurtured lead that is likely to become a customer.

AKC Marketing is a certified HubSpot and inbound marketing agency that specializes in creating robust and engaging marketing automation workflows, so your customers receive relevant and actionable content right when they need it.

“It is common for us to use marketing automation to communicate with contacts after they engage with evergreen content,” said Brianne Pudenz, Marketing Data Analyst for AKC. “It creates an opportunity to further educate prospects and keep them engaged with the brand throughout their journey.”

When prospects — or even current customers — download content, they receive automated communications that hopefully turns them into customers; and turns customers into repeat customers.

An AKC AsideWith one of our clients, we automated communications to help prospects along the buyer's journey while also keeping current customers in the know. By offering gated content — in this case, content about barn layouts — that was both in-demand and not overly difficult to access, we were able to capture the attention of dairy farmers who are considering the switch to automation, as well as current customers who might be curious about other layout options.

Marketing Automation - Maximized

Marketing automation is a powerful tool that allows you to connect directly with prospects and provide valuable content that they find interesting and engaging. But to really get the most out of your workflows, you need to reposition your viewpoint.

Rather than looking at your goals and needs, approach marketing automation through the lens of the customer. What touch-points could benefit from marketing automation and ease the customer along the path to a potential sale?

“Providing various resources helps us meet the contact where they are at,” Pudenz said. “Offering helpful content also increases the contact’s confidence in your communications, which builds a relationship with the brand and encourages them to engage in future communications.”

At AKC, we know how to turn simple business transactions into lasting partnerships. Our automation plans are designed to inspire confidence in your business and the support services you provide.

Are you ready to engage with your prospects and nurture leads while increasing sales opportunities? Contact us today to see if HubSpot and Marketing Automation are right for you.