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[October 07, 2022]

In Part One of our 15 Engaging Blog Posts You Can Write, we outlined the first six types of posts. We tried to prevent our blog from getting too long-winded, while offering many different ideas for you. Generating content ideas is not always easy and sometimes you hit a roadblock of creativity – we’ve all been there.

Keeping this short and sweet, here are engaging blogs you can write 7-15. Enjoy!

7. Top 10

A “Top (insert number)” post is similar to a list post, but with a narrower focus. For example, you could do one on the Top 10 Tech Conferences to Attend This Year. If you’re in the technology industry, that would be valuable to your readers and prospective clients.

Curating information in this way makes it simple for your readers to get information they want and need. Now prospects don’t have to go out and scour the Google — you’ve done the research for them.

8. Counterintuitive or controversial

You might be little worried about tackling this one – especially something controversial. You can determine just how controversial you want to get. However, don’t feel you have to create controversy to get attention.

The truth is we humans are attracted to controversy. We like to see people confident in their opinions (not putting down other opinions in the process). Additionally, sharing information that goes against the grain gets people thinking. Controversy can shine a light on ability and intellect by sharing a different take that your readers hadn’t thought about.

9. Inspirational

An inspirational story can really resonate with your potential customers. It could be about your dream of owning your own business and how you made that dream a reality — just be sure to make the connection back to your business.

10. Humorous

Humor reveals personality, which can be seriously lacking in content today. You don’t have to roll out an entire comedy routine. You could simply add a line in your blog post that gets the corner of the reader’s mouth to turn up.

11. Predictions

This type of post is common at the very end or beginning of a new year where you talk about what’s to come in your industry. You can talk about big changes you foresee or how you think the industry will evolve in coming years. This can also include developing trends that your audience needs to watch for. It makes a reader feel like they’re getting a “sneak peek.”

12. This vs. That

Another post that can intrigue your audience is a comparison post. Maybe you’re comparing your product directly to a competitor’s. Maybe you compare Copywriting versus Content Marketing. What are common topics or terms that people often get confused? Answer this conundrum in a blog post by breaking down the differences and even the similarities.

13. Checklist

A checklist can make for a nice, easy post that also helps your reader. It, like some of the other post types, offers a succinct solution to your audience’s problem. For example, if you’re a real estate agent, you could write a blog post that is a checklist of all the must-do items to complete before you purchase your first home. A first-time homebuyer could read that, even print it off and have a much better home-buying experience because of it.

14. Answer a specific but common FAQ

One of the best ways to have practically never-ending content ideas is to answer your reader’s questions. The more specific and common the question is, the more likely your post will be the one found when people search that exact phrase.

Questions your target audience have are like mini objections to purchasing and as you knock each out one-by-one, your reader will feel more confident about purchasing. We’ve found that most of the time, if someone is reading your blog post and has valid questions — they are strongly considering your offer.

15. Vulnerable post

This type of post is a chance to share your story – how did you get to where you are today? Are there pitfalls you can help your reader’s overcome? Note, this is slightly different from the Inspirational blog.

The reason a vulnerable post works is because people don’t connect with perfection. They feel closer to those who can admit they didn’t always have it figured out. And it’s good for your readers to feel like they aren’t alone. Remember…

People’s first instinct to buy is an emotional one. Then they back it up with logic.

Final thoughts

We hope these blog ideas can help you generate new and exciting pieces of content to use for your business and for your customers. While we did throw out a lot of options, we always think the more ideas the better! Remember, don’t write content for the sake of content. Make your blogs purposeful and helpful. There are many different types of people and the more variety you have, the greater chance a prospective customer will identify with your business.

Now that you have all fifteen of our tips, start jotting down ideas. See how many different types of posts you can come up with. Can you create a blog for all fifteen suggestions?

Reach out, that’s what we’re here for…

Our zone of genius Is content and we want to make yours stand out from the competition and most importantly, serve your client and customer needs.