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[June 09, 2023]

AKC Audio Blog - Get Smart! This Simple Form Fix Gets You Better Results - Full Episode

No matter your business, getting contacts into the funnel is important. However, it is just the first step in their journey to becoming a (hopefully) loyal customer.

But how do we move those contacts down the funnel and nurture them into the customers every business needs to survive?

By being Smart. By Learning.

The more we can learn about those contacts we’ve successfully added to the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system — which is a much different challenge — the more effectively we can nurture them as leads.

“Every piece of data we can collect from prospects is valuable and can help us market to them directly,” said Brianne Pudenz, Marketing Data Analyst for AKC Marketing. “But if we ask for too much upfront, we run the risk of losing them as prospects forever.”

By implementing Smart Level Forms, we can break the data-gathering process into stages, making it less onerous to gather the data needed to effectively turn a prospect into a customer.

Each time someone in the funnel attempts to access gated content, we have the opportunity to learn more about them without ever asking too much all at once.

The price of admission to gated content typically is the completion of a form requesting some basic information (email address, state of residence, etc.). Pretty standard. Smart Level Forms identify the prospect and adjust the forms to collect additional information rather than just capturing what we already know. They become dynamic, and with it, so too is your business.

Each time a prospect engages with gated content and completes a new form, we learn more about them and are better able to tailor material specifically to the individual, helping increase the likelihood of a conversion.

“Each level digs deeper, gathering crucial data bit-by-bit without ever overwhelming the contact,” Pudenz said.

Not only does the prospect move down the funnel, digesting information that will eventually lead them to becoming a customer, but they do so while telling us everything we want to know about how to close the deal!

It truly is a Smart way of marketing.

Reach out to us today to see how we can make your prospect to customer experience more dynamic.